Car Rentals at Central Maine Motors Auto Group


No one likes to bring their vehicle into the shop for repairs. Aside from the general inconvenience and the personal day you may need to take in order to bring your ride to the garage, not having a car makes your life more complicated and leads to unnecessary headaches. The Central Maine Motors Auto Group understands your needs. That’s why we help you keep your life on track through our car rental center in Waterville, ME. Here, it’s easy to rent a car, truck or SUV and return your daily routine to normal. With affordable rental prices, different tiers for different vehicle classes and free shuttle van service, our rental center is just what you need to get back to your groove!

Central Maine Motors Rental Center
Located at Central Maine Motors Reconditioning Center
23 Airport Road Waterville, ME 04901
Phone: 207-872-5591
Monday-Friday 8AM-5PM
For more information email Brian Murphy, Rental Manager.

Rental Retail Rates:
Shuttle Van service: FREE
Compact/Intermediate: Toyota Corolla, Yaris, Scion or comparable: $55.95/day + 10% sales tax= $61.55
Standard/Full Size: Toyota Camry, Prius hybrid, Chevy Malibu, Chrysler Sebring, or comparable: $59.95/day + 10% sales tax= $65.95
Small SUV/Small Truck: Toyota RAV4, Tacoma pickup, or comparable: $65.95/day + 10% sales tax= $72.55
Large Truck: Toyota Tundra or comparable: $79.95/day + 10% sales tax= $87.95
Minivan: Toyota Sienna or comparable: $79.95/day + 10% sales tax= $87.95

All daily rates include 250 free miles, with additional miles at $0.10 per mile. Rental rates subject to change without notice.

Free Shuttle:

During regular business hours, we offer free shuttle van service to your home or place of work, with pick up available when the work or repair on your vehicle is complete.

First Year:

Customers who purchase their new or used vehicle from Central Maine Motors Auto Group will be able to schedule use of a rental at no charge for the first year following their purchase date. This is only applicable when more than two hours of service, mechanical or detailing work is scheduled. After the first year from purchase, the customer can schedule a rental at a discounted rate of $30 per day (plus 10% tax) for service, mechanical or detailing work. Mileage limits and charges apply. Free and discounted rental rates are NOT applicable in body shop or collision repair situations.

Retail Rental Rates:

Retail rates will apply in situations where the customer did not purchase their vehicle from one of the Auto Group dealerships, in collision or body shop repair situations, or for other rental purposes. If there is a substantial amount of service work required to complete the needed repair, the rental rates may be reviewed and discounted on a case-by-case basis. Additionally, insurance policies regarding daily rental rates vary from one insurance company to another; each situation will be reviewed on a case by case basis to meet a mutually agreed-upon rate.

Occasionally, our rental vehicles can be scheduled for personal use other than repair situations. Possibly a larger vehicle is needed for a family gathering or event. At these times a rental may be scheduled and our retail rates would apply. A lead time of several days or more is requested whenever possible in these situations.


Rental Center requirements:

  • Driver must be 21 years old or older
  • Driver must present a valid driver’s license (learner’s permit or military license are not accepted as a valid license)
  • Drivers must provide proof of full auto insurance coverage, collision and liability (we do not offer optional rental insurance or a waiver of insurance)
  • Additional drivers may be added to a rental contract provided they meet all the same requirements above
  • Renter will be responsible for returning fuel to the same level as when the vehicle was picked up. Failure to match the fuel level may result in refueling charges.
  • A valid credit card is required to hold the reservation and to cover any refueling charges or any vehicle damage that might have occurred while in your possession.
  • All Central Maine Auto Group rentals are non-smoking vehicles.

Pet Policy: 
We understand that you love your pets and like to have them with you. Unfortunately, the next customer in our rental car might not like pet smells or they might have an allergy to pet hair or dander. We ask that whenever possible you refrain from transporting your pet in our rental vehicles. If it is necessary that you transport your pet in our vehicle, we ask that you be responsible for your pet and help keep hair and dirty paw messes to a minimum. If possible, please cover the upholstery with a blanket and try to keep your pet from traveling throughout the vehicle. You will be responsible for any chew damage caused by your pet.